Some Of Our Very Happy Clients

Hello Adolf!

Mike GroupThank you so much for hosting my family and me on my second trip back to South Africa! Adolf was the reason I started my love story with your amazing country back in 2009. Just the few days roaming the Kruger Park with you and 53 other colleagues of mine was all it took to make me promise to keep coming back again and again, and spread the word to my friends about how beautiful your country is. There is just so much to see and do!

So this time round I decided to bring my folks and boy did they all have an experience of a lifetime! Everyone went to the Kruger Park without any idea of what to expect really. But one thing is for sure, everyone was awed by the sights and experiences. The serenity and peace at the river safari, and the excitement and adventure in the Kruger Park, the adrenaline rush seeing the Great Whites up close at Gansbaai, definitely blew their minds.

Mike in Shark CageThey now tell friends their stories fervently and with so much enthusiasm! Haha! What made the trip even better was that you two have brought about something lacking in any tours that we have been on – the personal touch.

Spending time with your family in Kruger Park, meals in the bush, and those wonderful game drives certainly left lasting impressions in all of us. We just cannot thank you enough.We know what we saw and did was definitely something not many tourists would have the privilege to enjoy.

Tours from Singapore would never take us to the Kruger Park (we’ll probably end up in some private game reserve), catch a glimpse of the Karoo (tour operators here most probably not have heard of it), or arrange a stay in the winelands. This we all managed to achieve this trip but of course there’s so much more we didn’t do because there’s too much to see and do and always too little time!

SamSo, I’m definitely coming back with different groups of people many more times for my dose of SA and I know I will have the company of my two friends – you both, just to make each visit that more special.Thank you!

See you two soon ya!.